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General Information

A backshot is a special type of shell jump where Mario is holding a shell and jumps forward, then in midair turns backwards and throws the shell at the wall, bouncing off of it when it comes off the wall behind Mario. The backshot can be made more complex and/or unique in several different ways. They can be similar to normal shell jumps, where you are just interested in gaining extra height. Additionally, the shell can bounce off the wall and fall down on to munchers, allowing Mario to move much further than he normally would before bouncing off the shell, causing him to cover much further distance. Another more advanced move is to throw the shell at the wall, then move Mario in a downward trajectory with the shell, bouncing off it much lower and more to the right. This move has Mario to land off the shell very low and to the right, although the timing for this shell jump is considerably more difficult, as the throw must be correct and you must manipulate Mario's fall speed in order to match up with the shell and land on it at the appropriate time.

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