Falling Enemy Jumping

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General Information

In many Kaizo hacks, you will need to bounce off an enemy in midair as it is falling. Ideally, you want to bounce off of the enemy a little after the peak of your jump and when the enemy is at max fall speed. Remember to let go of the jump button if you think you are too high to fall faster and match the enemy's trajectory. This is a similar mechanic to a regrab. Important to note is that you can only bounce off an enemy if you are moving downwards. If Mario collides with an enemy or obstacle like a buzz saw that he would normally bounce off of while Mario is moving upwards, he will take damage no matter what. This is because in SMW, the game only checks to see if Mario should be bouncing off of something when he is moving downwards or standing still.

A helpful tip for becoming more consistent at these jumps is to create a visual cue for the jump. This means always jumping when the saw, or enemy you want to bounce off is at the same location. This can help increase your consistency at making these midair bounce jumps. The most important part for making these jumps is knowing when and how long to let go of the jump button in midair if necessary.

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