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The Kaizo Level Design Contest (KLDC) is a regularly-occurring contest held by the staff of SMW Central that encourages creators to submit a single kaizo level to be evaluated by a panel of judges. Judges are selected by the contest organizer (colloquially referred to as the contest's 'host') and SMWC staff and are traditionally comprised of community members, experienced creators, skilled players, playtesters and other credible voices on the aspects of level design and level creation.

Since the founding of SMW Central, there have been 8 official KLDCs (a KLDC was opened in 2012 but was not seen to completion). The next KLDC is currently scheduled for July 2022.


The first KLDC was held in 2009 on SMW Central as a fan-organized contest[1]. PangeaPanga (who used the username PanangBenny at the time) served as the founding host and led the first panel of judges alongside Dainegai, -•SyStemkraSh•- and Ultimaximus. 16 total levels were submitted to the initial event.


Following the official start of the contest, interested creators have between a month and six weeks, depending on the determined submission period, to build a brand-new Super Mario World level with a kaizo: light difficulty rating.

Individual contests have slightly different rulesets as to what is and is not permitted in terms of custom resources and graphical edits for various reasons, but the contest largely allows for creators to use all resources at their disposal to create their level, provided the judges are reasonably able to beat the level without the use of tools. Early KLDCs featured multiple categories for tool-assisted level design, but those have fallen away in recent years as the rise in RTA-viable level design interest has drawn more resources from the host and judges.



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Rank Score Author Title Level Patch
1 97.00 Lazy 810TOXIN Download Patch
2 95.75 KevinM / Dogemaster Extended Athletics Download Patch
3 95.50 FerpyMcfrosting Mono No Aware Download Patch
4 92.75 Nirv JerryWest 60 Footer Download Patch
5 91.25 MiracleWater Gate Crashers Download Patch

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Rank Score Author Title Level Patch
1 91.33 HausPanthr Chroma Castle Download Patch
2 90.00 Sweetdude Destroy the Planet! Download Patch
T3 88.33 KevinM Stoned Download Patch
T3 88.33 Snoruntpyro Infinite Ascent to the Heavens Download Patch
5 88.00 idol / Medic Circadian Download Patch

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Rank Score (Max of 80) Author Title Level Patch
1 75.00 GbreezeSunset Heart of Te Fiti Download Patch
2 74.50 idol hyperousia Download Patch
3 73.00 Lazy and lolyoshi La Pisscine Download Patch
4 71.00 MiracleWater Radical Download Patch
5 70.00 snoruntpyro Hydrocity Swim Test Download Patch

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Rank Score (Max of 80) Author Title Level Patch
1 67.60 Morsel Motor Skills Download Patch
2 61.30 Centipede THE GRINDHOUSE Download Patch
3 60.60 Leiras HIGH FLIGHT Download Patch
4 59.60 AbuseFreakHacker Frozen Candy To Be Added
5 58.00 FrozenQuills TIGHTROPE TREACHERY Download Patch

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Rank Score Author Title Level Patch
1 55.00 worldpeace Medusa's Lair Download Patch
T2 51.00 NGB Aeriel Athletics Download Patch
T2 51.00 GbreezeSunset Yoshi's Revenge Download Patch
4 49.00 Centipede Afternoon Walk Download Patch
5 45.00 PPhoenixX Friendly Forest Download Patch

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A KLDC was started in 2012 but suspended after the conclusion of the submission period. Four entries were received:

Author Level Patch
Daizo Dee Von Download Patch
Katerpie Download Patch
Morsel Download Patch
TriplePat Download Patch


Rank Score Author Title Level Patch
1 36.00 2dareduck Hooked on Quack Download Patch
2 35.00 yogui Weird Cave of Hate Download Patch
3 34.67 TheOtherGuy25 Ice Cold Kaizo Download Patch
- 34.33 miguel121450 Hypocritical Download Patch
- 34.00 TomPhanto Tunnel of Fortitude Download Patch

Full Article: 2011 Kaizo Level Design Contest


Rank Score Author Title
T1 39.00 TriplePat Nonsense of Chaos
T1 39.00 JeRRy86 Special Forces
T1 39.00 Midnight Mist Divide By Zero
T2 38.00 Sadistic Designer Escape Castle
T2 38.00 Cillion Poluted Area
3 36.00 KY2010 Trial of Yoshis

Full Article: 2010 Kaizo Level Design Contest


Rank Score (%) Author Title Level Patch
1 93.49 x1372 Crashdown Castle Download Patch
2 90.23 Caracc Dread Machine Download Patch
3 89.77 MicidoEpocha Kaizo Factory Download Patch
HM 85.00 fieryblaze42 Luigi's Life Story Download Patch
HM 80.00 Cousinoer5 Halls of Pain Download Patch

Full Article: 2009 Kaizo Level Design Contest

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