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Welcome to the Kaizo Wiki!

This is an ever-growing encyclopedia of information on Kaizo, editable by anyone and built for everyone with an interest in playing and/or creating Kaizo romhacks. While the primary focus is on Super Mario World, and our admins are most knowledgeable in that game, we welcome contributions on all games both in and outside the Mario environment.

Here, you can find and share information on game elements and interactions, the skills and techniques used to play Kaizo levels and hacks, information on the different hacks created and available to the community, and more.

This wiki was built by, and is hosted by, the Romhack Races staff and community, but is for anybody interested in the subject of Kaizo.

New to Kaizo? Welcome!

What is Kaizo? Is it just hard Mario?

How do I get started playing Kaizo hacks?


Kaizo Level Design Contest