2009 Kaizo Level Design Contest

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The 2009 and inaugural Kaizo Level Design Contest was held from April 10 - May 10, 2009 by PanangBenny (later known as PangeaPanga) as a community contest on SMW Central[1]. Judges for the contest were Panga, Dainegai, -•SyStemkraSh•- and Ultimaximus. A total of 17 entries were received between the two categories, with 16 receiving scores.


Best Level Contest

Rank Score (%) Author Title Level Patch
1 93.49 x1372 Crashdown Castle Download Patch
2 90.23 Caracc Dread Machine Download Patch
3 89.77 MicidoEpocha Kaizo Factory Download Patch
HM 85.00 fieryblaze42 Luigi's Life Story Download Patch
HM 80.00 Cousinoer5 Halls of Pain Download Patch
HM 92.00 (Judge's Entry) SyStemkraSh Fairly Unfair Download Patch
- 76.00 Zildjian House of 'Fun' Download Patch
- 74.00 Kyurel + Hoperoad1127 Super Seizure World Download Patch
- 72.00 Kristian Extreme Expedition Download Patch
- 70.00 CuteKaizoMuncher Mind Dump Extreme Download Patch
- 60.00 Ploxerdon Heaven Or Hell Download Patch

Hardest Level Contest

Rank Score (%) Author Title Level Patch
1 78.00 mapsking Mario's Evil Level Download Patch
2 68.23 Kaizo 469 Munchers Download Patch
3 65.00 lolcats439 Deathship Download Patch