2 Frame Jump

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General Information

A 2 frame jump is the smallest jump in the game that Mario can do. By pressing A, the spin jump button for 2 frames or less, Mario can make the smallest jump possible in the game, staying within 3 tiles of the ground. Kaizo levels will sometimes force Mario to make this jump by give a very low muncher ceiling and making Mario jump over a bullet or over a tiny gap. This can be a very difficult jump, but there are techniques to help make them more consistent. You can press the A Button for less than 2 frames from the normal grip. Another way is to take your pointer finger and flick your finger across the A button very quickly. It helps to practice this on any flat surface for a bit until it quickly becomes muscle memory. It should be important to note that if you are running, the 2 frame will naturally gain a little more height, so it should be performed standing still or with little horizontal speed.

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