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General Information

Blargs are an enemy in SMW that normally reside in lava, but can often be located in other places. Kaizo levels will often require you to spin jump off of Blargs, and these jumps can have many intricacies too them. Blargs can be spin jumped off while they are just eyes in the lava, their main bodies can be spun off of when they jump out of the lava, and where their eyes are supposed to be can be spun off of, even if they have just jumped and the eyes are not visible. Often times the level will require the player to spin jump on the eyes and control the direction the blarg jumps, moving from his eyes to jumping off his body to gain extra distance. In order to manipulate the direction the blarg jumps, you must be on that side when he decides where to jump. For instance, if you need him to jump right, you must spin jump on his eyes and do multiple jumps swinging out right and back to the eyes to make sure you are on the right side. His eyes will always be looking at the direction of mario and where he's going to jump, so you will know he his jumping right if he is looking right when he dives down for his jump.

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