Block Over Flow

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Intro Header

Using coin blocks and a P switch to make a money fountain. This will cause the amount of sprite and block animations to reach a limit causing some sprites and block animations to stop.

Button Input Header

Take the P switch and lodge it in-between two coin ? blocks. You may need to use L and R screen scrolls to move it into position. You will know when the glitch is completed when the P switch is making one of the blocks hit rapidly looking like a coin fountain. While this glitch is active you can hit the bottom of note blocks to make them disappear allowing you to walk over them as solid blocks and not bounce you into munchers.

This glitch can also be activated by using two note blocks, or a turn block with an item inside of it that's nestled next to a wall. The turn block next to the wall example, however, requires an item (such as a shell or key) to be clipped into the wall to dupe the turn block into the wall.

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