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General Information

A common obstacle in Kaizo Hacks is a trick called the bullet bill chase. This is where a vertical line of bullet bills fire, and mario must jump out on each one, using bullets to cross a wide gap. The most important elements of completing this trick successfully is to land on the top bullet as far out as possible, getting as much of a running start as you can to time your jump with the bullets. The second element is to make sure you are holding Y and and B the entire time to maximize your jumps and the time you spend on each bullet.

A second variation of this is one where a vertical line of bullets shoot, but Mario is required to spin jump through the entire line of bullets. You can identify when the games wants you to perform the trick this way because there will most likely be a low ceiling preventing normal bounces on the bullets. When this is the case, a helpful trick is to have your first attempt hold X + A In order to make sure you get optimal distance out of your spin jump. Some sections will occasionally require you to drop A so you move down quicker, as a player you will need to play this by ear and use context clues.

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