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General Information

In SMW, shells that flash every color and always move in your direction are colloquially called disco shells. Often times kaizo hacks use these shells to go through long areas where Mario would take damage touching the ground. When bouncing off a disco shell, it will set your speed to 24. What this mean is that regardless of how fast you are going when you bounce off the shell, you will always bounce off at the same speed. This is very important to know when riding disco shells. You can manipulate a disco shells movement by moving right and left to try and make a shell more favorable to land on when attempting to ride a shell.

The initial bounce off the disco shell is the most important part. If you are trying to ride a shell right, you want to time your jump where you are landing on it on it's right side as it is moving right. Then, when you get your first bounce without holding jump, you can hold right and the shell will bounce you at a similar speed. However, if you hold right over long sections, Mario will eventually move faster than the shell and fall off in front of the shell. There are two common methods to make up for this discrepancy in speed over long sections. The first is to tap right while riding the disco shell instead of holding right. This will match Mario's speed to the shell and ensure he stays on the shell. The second method is to hold right, but when you notice Mario is starting to drift off the front of the shell, stop holding right and go neutral on the d pad with no inputs for fraction of a second, then begin holding right again. Mario will slow down during this time and center more on the shell again.


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