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Exit Trolls, sometimes called “Kaizo Traps” require the player to perform a specific setup to prevent Mario from dying *after* he hits the goal.

Goal Tape

In Super Mario World, touching a goal tape triggers an animation where Mario walks to the right and strikes a pose while bonus points are awarded before zooming to black.

In this animation, the player cannot input anything and Mario gains immunity to munchers and to other sprites. However, it is still possible for Mario to die at any point during this animation by falling into a pit or into lava. Level creators, in order to troll the player or ensure that a requirement has been met, disguise elements of their levels beyond the goal tape to kill the player, which will not count as a clear even though the player has "cleared" the level.


Goal Sphere

Depending on how the level is designated in Lunar Magic, touching the Goal Sphere can produce one of two results:

  • In a vertical level, touching the goal sphere will instantly freeze all sprites and objects in place and play the fanfare.
  • In a horizontal level, touching the goal sphere will trigger the same animation as touching the goal tape.

This means that goal spheres can be used to both create a false sense of finality for players who do not know the level setting, as well as create an obstacle for avoidance else the player accidentally trigger an animation that leads to a death.

Boss Fights

When fighting Big Boo, Wendy, or other vanilla bosses, scoring the final hit on the boss will vanish all sprites from the screen. However, it is still possible to die if the player lands on a deadly hazard before the start of the fanfare. In these instances, the creator provides a "safe zone" for the player to aim for that does not vanish after the boss death, such as a vine or a stationary platform.