Quickie World 2

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Quickie World 2
Author Valdio
Number of Exits 22
Date Released 2019-03-08
Category Kaizo: Light
Hack Page Hack Page
Speedrun PageLeaderboard
Quickie World 2 Start Screen

Level Name Genre
World 1
Happy Birthday
The Shen
Take Five
Field of Dreams
Buttermilk Palace
Roll the Bones Reznor
World 2
The Batcave
To the Limit
Jurassic Jungle
The Chris G Spot
Vapor Palace Switch Palace
RB's Clock Tower
World 3
Soaring Saguardo
Hot Potato
Elusive Numbers
Pokey Desert
Blocks on the Rocks
Yoshi's Lair
Special World
Mega Scottage
Sawfring Ruins
Wedding Nails


Notable Events

Hack Attack 2019

First Year Anniversary (2020)

On Quickie World 2's first year anniversary, Valdio released a special "Goodie Pack" in this tweet. This includes the Alpha, Beta and Silent versions of QW2, as well as the soundtrack and developer commentary. This "Goodie Pack" is the only place where many of the QW2 song have been released.