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Romhack Races[1] is a community effort started in 2018 to promote the creation and playing of custom Super Mario World and other retro platformers. It features a website, Discord server, and Twitch channel.

Weekly Kaizo Races

The primary event sponsored by RHR is a weekly race of a kaizo Mario level at 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Each week features a new creator and a newly-created level never before seen outside of testing. Racers are given the difficulty of the level


For a full list of levels, visit Romhack Races Weekly Levels

Difficulty Scale

Standard SMW

For Standard levels, Romhack Races uses the same difficulty scale as JUMP and JUMP1/2 adapted by worldpeace from the VIP series of collaborative hacks[2].

Rating Explanation
1 Easy for all
2 Easy for players accustomed to Super Mario World
3 Normal-to-hard for general players, easy for some experts
4 Tough for most players, requiring trial and effort and with some sections requiring intensive learning even for experts
5 Requiring intensive learning throughout entire level; bordering on Kaizo in precision requirement
E Excessively long gauntlet or short Kaizo Level
D 2x harder or longer than an E level
C 2x harder or longer than a D level
B 2x harder or longer than a C level
A 2x harder or longer than a B level

Kaizo SMW

For Kaizo levels, Romhack Races uses a 1-10 scale determined by playtesters prior to the weekly race. Each playtester submits a rating out of 10 to the RHR admins for the level on three categories that contribute to overall difficulty:

  • Length: How long the longest section of the level is (that is, how much level is there between checkpoints)
  • Complexity: How difficult to interpret the hardest setup in the level is
  • Execution: How technically difficult the hardest setup in the level is

A playtester's overall rating is the average of their category ratings. When all playtester ratings are submitted, their ratings are then averaged together to find the final overall difficulty rating for the level.

RHR Kaizo Rating Intended Classification
1* to 3* Kaizo: Beginner
4* to 7* Kaizo: Intermediate
8* to 10* Kaizo: Expert

Community Events

Mystery Monday

Intended for an introduction to Standard hacks as well as an entry point for new players to start participating, Mystery Monday is a series of events where racers will compete to complete an entire Standard hack or significant portion or level of a Standard hack.

Hack Attack

Hack Attack is a charity marathon sponsored by Romhack Races that seeks to feature speedruns of exclusively romhacks and fan-made games. Over two events, the marathon has raised more than $10,000 for Direct Relief.

Hard Hack Relay

The RHR Twitch channel will feature community relay races of notorious Super Mario World hacks, with teams of racers each taking one world.

  • 2020: Hyper 6
  • 2021: Luigi's Adventure: Overseas Edition