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Source Codehttps://github.com/VitorVilela7/UberASMTool

UberASM Tool allows you to easily insert level ASM, overworld ASM, game mode ASM and much more.

— VitorVilela7

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How To Use

Download the tool from either SMWCentral or Vitor Vilela's Github. Extract the zipped folder and you should see the contents to the right.


After downloading this, open the "list.txt" document. This document is where you will specify the ASM files you want inserted. The most important things in this list file are the level header (level:), gamemode header (gamemode:), and the rom name (rom:).


Explanation of Insertion Areas


When inserting ASM via the level header, the ASM applied will only be active for the sublevel selected (the respective level edited within Lunar Magic). As the default list.txt file shows, it contains the text "105 test.asm". The "105" is the level number and the "test.asm" is the asm file you want to be inserted, which should be put under the "level" subfolder within UberASMTool. In your list file, you can add levels at will, so if you wanted 105 and 106 to have their respective test files, but also have sublevel 69 to have multiple jumps, all you would have to do is add a line with "69 [filename].asm". Now note that you CANNOT insert multiple asm files under the same level via this list.txt file; doing that requires some extra work.


ASM inserted via the gamemode header will be applied to an individual gamemode. Here is a list of valid gamemodes. Notably, the most important ones are gamemode 14 and 0E, which is applied to levels and the overworld respectively. Similarly to the level ASM insertion, all you need to do is put the gamemode number (14 or 0E normally) with the asm file following it. For example, "14 [filename].asm".

Extra Stuff

Here is a windows executable batch file that will run UberASMTool automatically for you. By changing "smw.smc" to whatever your rom file name is and ensuring subfolders are setup properly (needs picture), this will work no problem. This will also make it so that you don't need to change the rom file name in list.txt and will cause less clutter in your primary hack folder.